No, don't cry.

The Nezumi & Shion fanlisting, titled Piece of Heaven, has been online since 25th September 2011. The first version however, was not up until 9th October 2011. My fall for these two was swift. Before I knew it, I was in too deep. It's almost like Gareki and Nai (Karneval) all over again. *laughs* Lots of love to the staffers that approved me to run their listing.

Title Piece of Heaven was taken from Weiß Kreuz's opening song of the same name. I was on a WK music high and when this track played, I thought that it would be perfect as a name candidate for Nezumi and Shion. It's thanks to Masao that I caved in and used it. *laughs* So lots of hugs and 's goes to her.

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